Frequently Asked Questions

How will you help me to make my video viral via your website?

Making a video viral is definitely a very important factor and requires 100% attention. With us you can make your video viral in a complete stress-free and cost-effective manner. Our team of expert people work very hard towards achieving goal of making your video goes viral among lots and lots of people. We make a lot many strategies and imply various techniques to create necessary traffic for your video in a best possible manner. The reaction of online audience and content of the video could two major factors required to make your video viral. Our expertise team members will work hard to make your video link as much visible as possible on many social networking websites and other sites. All you need to do is to inform us when you are ready with your content. We will discuss your content with us by conducting meeting with you and will make many strategies that would further help in making your video highly popular on YouTube.

When will you deliver my order?

Soon after sending your content to us we will immediately start processing your respective orders. Though our website you can expect good result in between 12 to 24 working hours. We just take time in checking your video as a security measure in a careful way. This will help us to maintain the content of your video in a safe and legitimate way.

How much risk involve in sharing my video with you?

You need not have to worry at all in sharing your video content with us. This is completely a risk-free process. We keep all your personal information safe and confidential. This makes us completely trustworthy and expertise social media web portal.

Which kind of video you refuse to promote?

We strictly refuse to promote any prone content website and Copyright violated videos.

How would be the process to pay for your services?

We receive payment through PayPal only. You can even use your debit/credit card to pay for our services for you to promote your video link via PayPal.

About Views:

Will I be able to see the views growing on my video?

Yes you can see that within 48 to 72 hours. It could be a longer process because there is no real time update feature available in YouTube.

Can I able to use other services simultaneously when you are working on promotion of my video?

It is requested that you should avoid using other services side by side. We request you to avoid it because we are using official YouTube views counter that would help us to know that we are delivering your order properly. More and more promotions enable us to deliver best services to you as YouTube views counter will be counting views from several sources. We do not want to compromise on work, thus require full attention to achieve our goal of best promotion of your video.

Is my video link liked by real people?

Yes it is true that traffic generated on your YouTube video link is from real humans. We work hard to persuade people to like your video link which could be a time-consuming process. You can buy any packages of your choice from us to get right kind of exposure, better preference and best social interaction. This will help us to make your video go viral.

About Favorites, Subscribers, Likes:

Why my Likes gets counter freeze?

Your likes gets freeze sometimes because of the wide number of likes in a quick way. For a particular time period YouTube freezes the likes and then further verify them one by one. This is a temporary process so there is nothing to worry at all.

How much it is important to buy Favorites campaign?

Yes, this is indeed really very vital to buy favorite campaign. It will enable you to get connected to favorite video if you are presenting any new video and this is how you will get natural exposure with ease. This could be a best and pocket-friendly way to get enough exposure for your video.

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